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Jan 07, 2021

Multiple remote desktop (VMware View and RDP) on APM webtop



We use the F5 APM to present an portalaccess that present an RDP remote desktop to connect users to their RDP session for entreprise user's that need to do home office. We have now an new VDI VMware environement that going to replace the RDP environnement.


So my question is :


  • Can we present on the webtop portal both RDP remote desktop and VMware View remote desktop ? I trying to do that but if I present the RDP remote dektop the second VMware view desktop doesn't appear on my webtop ?? but if I present only the VMware view remote desktop it's appear on my webtop ??


Let my know if my question is not English is very bad.


Thank you guys



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  • Hello, yes I would think you should be able to do this. Do you see any errors in the Access Policy logs? It does a DNS check for these and if it fails I believe it will not show on the APM Webtop.