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Feb 10, 2012

Multiple iRule issue - Rule No 2 exceutes before No 1




For a Virtual Server I have 3 requirement to be sufficed.


1. A set of URI which contains /abc or /xyz should be accessible from the open internet.


2. Limit access to a set of IPs which will be directed to Particular Pool Members.


3. Thrid iRule is for different set of URI's



We tried this but the 2nd iRule for which we have created a Data Group seem to be the first thing processed, so it took effect even for the first iRule.



Please assit me here, how can this be accomplished.


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  • did you set event priority?



    priority wiki

  • Hi Nitass,



    "Event" "Priority"!! Thank you so much..It did all the magic!! I could actually combine all the 3 rules into 1 with it and it worked.



    Thanks a ton!!