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Aug 09, 2023

Multiple Dos Profiles to single virtual server


i need a way to choose multi dos profiles to single virtual server according to user agent

as ex: if user agent mobile  dos profile if     

if {[set ua [string tolower [HTTP::header User-Agent]]] contains "iphone" || $ua contains "ipad" || $ua contains "android"} {
#This client is an iPhone, iPad or an Android device

choose dos profile with specific configuration   

and if browser choose another dos profile with specific configuration  

how can i create this one

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      i have configure L7dos 2 profile for each geo location and it's working fine but when I attached rule with l7dos attack in to create log its not working 

      only when only one dos profile attached without ltm policy 

      I need also the irule for record the ip of suspicious ip from other geo location and send to hsl remote syslog because in geo location only with irule its showed the ip of the country trigger

      the irule trigger feature in dos profiles enabled 

      If there is any solution for this combination 


  • hello thanks for your reply you mean that i can use only irule or using only ltm policy or both if available can you give me ltm policy detailed