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Mar 11, 2012

mpcd command

I wanted to get some command line help of mpcd. So after entering mpcd on command line, it came back to the prompt without any message or error. But I couldn't run any "b" command thereafter as it was saying unable to connect. So it screwed up the LB management ability. I had to reboot it to get it working.



While checking "ps" command, I saw one instance of this daemon running but didn't see the second instance of mpcd running. It seems mpcd command invocation created the problem somehow.




Does anyone have seen this happening?




This is on 8900 with 10.2




I think this is a serious problem. I would expect the system won't allow the second instance of "mpcd" to run and throw some message or wouldn't run without a needed argument.










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  • As I said, I wanted to get help with mpcd command to see what arguments it takes etc . like any other command provides.
  • something like this?

    [root@bigip1a:Active] config  mcpd -h
    mcpd: [-h|-help]              display this message
          [-f|-foreground]        run in foreground
          [-d|-debug]             run in debug mode
          [-o|-stdout]            logging to stdout
          [-dbmem ]         max database size [MB]
  • I think I did ran it with -h , --help and without them and every time the command didn't show anything and came back to the prompt.


    I think the command ran although I didn''t see it in ps output. But it created the problem for sure.
  • I don't think anyone is expected to run mcpd directly. If you think this is a scenario that could be handled better, you could open a case with F5 Support and document the issue.



  • Although it's not expected to run the mpcd command directly, there is a chance that someone might run it anyway for some reason like getting help on it or just run it. The F5 system shouldn't allow it to run especially when there is already one instance of it running ( which gets spawned when system boots ) and definitely not without a valid argument.



    I'm hoping someone either have seen this or try this out on the sandbox/test F5 system to confirm.
  • F5 Support can help you confirm the issue and escalate it if they see fit.