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Dec 30, 2014

Monitor Association - chef

I have able to create a pool if not exist and add/delete/update and pool member status, but I am not able to set monitor rul for a specific pool. I am willing to use set_monitor_assicaition something similar to _monitor_rule= bigip['LocalLB.Pool']{'type' => 'MONITOR_RULE_TYPE_SINGLE','quoram' => 0, 'monitor_templates' => ['tcp_half_open']}) bigip['LocalLB.Pool'].set_monitor_association([bigip_hash['pool_name'],_monitor_rule]) Any help will be really help ful, it is a blocker for this task.


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  • A reason for not being able to assign a monitor to a pool may be, that your pool members are configured to use a wildcard port of "0".


    A default "tcp" or "tcp_half_open" monitor relies on the preconfigured ports of your poolmembers. With a wildcard port it simply doesn´t know which port to address and is not available for selection.


    Other monitors i.e. "icmp" or "tcp_echo" are available to be used with wildcard port configuration.


    Alternatively you may want to configure a custom monitor with a specific service port which can be used with poolmembers on port "0" as well.


    Did you notice any messages in /var/log/ltm when trying to assign the monitor?


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      Hi Rajesh, if your poolmembers are configured for port 0 it will be necessary to create port specific custom monitors. Please create a new one with a specific alias port, i.e. 80 in WebUI Local Traffic::Monitors with an alias port of your choice. It has to match an available service port on your poolmembers. The newly created monitor will now show up to be assigned in your pool configuration. Thanks, Stephan