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Jan 31, 2020

Modify APM variable value


I have a variable that contains a 12 digit numeric value and I want to add a hyphen between the 8th and 9th digits.

The variable looks like this at the moment,



I want it to look like this.


The variable are a Active Directory attribute and the numeric value are different for different users.

Any takes?

//Cheers Mike

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    Feb 06, 2020

    I guess ;)


    here are my tests:


    variable assign:


    1 - session.custom.source = Text 109511158543 

    2 - = join [scan [mcget {session.custom.source}] "%8s%4s"] "-"


    After authenticationI have following variables:

    session.custom.source 109511158543 10951115-8543

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  • Hi,


    I'm not sure the expression under APM visual policy is support or not.


    But i have one idea for you.

    • Use the APM to call iRule :
    • Use iRule to replace the value :
  • You can add a variable assign in VPE, with expression like

    set var [mcget {}]
    return "[string range $var 0 7]-[string range $var 8 end]"
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        I tried your solution but I didn´t get it to work. I added a Variable assign in the VPE like this,

        session.session.custom.xx = join [scan [mcget {session.session.session.custom.xx}] "%8s%4s"] "-"

        Or maybe I did something wrong?