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Aug 18, 2020

Mixing two VLAN ip address in SNAT pool

This is my question, I have F5 with multiple SelfIP (Vlans) for example I have VLAN_10 and VLAN_20 and related SelfIP configured now my application servers running on both VLAN_10 and VLAN_20 so i have created pool and added all those application server to pool and attached to Virtual Server. Now i am going to create SNAT_Pool to make sure i have enough ports available.


Question: when i create SNAT_POOL so what VLAN IP address i should be adding should i add 5 ips of VLAN_10 and 5 ips of VLAN_20 in snat pool because my application running on multiple VLAN?


How does F5 will handle this senario?

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