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May 19, 2022

Migration P2V version 14.1 on both sides

Hi All,

I'm looking forward to migrate a bunch of VS to the virtual Big-IP.

The destination platform is in prod with several services already and common partition only.

The source platform has 3 dedicated partitions.

The plan is:

1. Migrate partitions to the virtual F5

2. Use F5 Journeys App to migrate each application.

I wonder if there are any issues in the plan, since I've never done it before.


Kind regards,


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  • You can also take an existing UCS from your hardware platform, setup the virtual instance on the same code version, and import. You would need to make sure the virtual has a license, and during UCS load, you set the no platform check and no license flags. Then you can remap VLANs to interfaces, and upgrade code to desired target version.