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Aug 31, 2023

migration of application on F5 LTM


As part of an application migration project, I created a new F5 infra (new VS, new NODE) ​​with new IPs from scratch,
The objective before removing the old infrastructure would be to ensure that on the day of production it is transparent for users and has no impact.
So when the user accesses the old URL https:://xxx.domain, he will be redirected to the new infrastructure and completely transparent for him.
Do you have any recommendations (DNS modifications, VS, etc.), in order to make this migration a success?
PS: the old infrastructure is on another PROD partition on the F5.


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  • Hi Poseidon1974 

    I would recommend-

    1. First, keep your new vServer ready and tested. You can do testing by adding local host entry on the test systems. So, without having dns entry against new vServer IP, you can test app. Once, this is all set,

    2. You are good to change the DNS entry and point URL requests to the new IP. If the URL is publicly hosted, then in worst case scenario, it take upto 24 hours to reflect DNS change globally. Also, some client system will have old cached IP.

    So it would be better to have OLD vServer live until everything is sorted. So this will save you from having any glitch for the connectivity.

    As per my understanding, with this you should be good with the migration. Also, it would be better to have this change under maintenance window.


    Hope it helps!

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      Thanks , I already have a non-prod environment, to do the test, I think I will keep the same URLs and only create new NODES, in disable, which I will test in non-prod, by activating them, to answer your question, I am on local URLs, however, having different F5 LTM partitions could be a problem, I would like to create the new NODES on the new partition,