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Nov 23, 2020

Migrating from hardware HA pairs to VMs on different networks

We're not only moving data centers, changing from hardware HA pairs to VMs, upgrading to newer version, but also changing networks. What could possibly go wrong? So far I've read:


  • K4423
  • K13408
  • K82540512


I've uploaded our 13.X config to iHealth and it looks like we're ok to upgrade to 15.x.


The part that seems particularly nasty is the changing of the networks. Really don't want to edit all those VIPs by hand. I see that "tmsh load sys ucs <filename> platform-migrate" can be used to upload the old config into the new VMs. However, how do I deal with the change of IPs?


Would it be better to dump the config with "tmsh save /sys config", edit all the addresses specified in the config, then on the new appliance use "tmsh load /sys config" to bring all that over?


Or, do I run the "load sys ucs platform-migrate", and then afterwards run a bash script to change all the IP addresses?


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  • Above KB article is correct but migration is not easy task specially from Hardware v13.x to Virtual v15.x with different networks. So many things to consider and most important thing to minimise business impact.


    I would recommend to discuss with F5 Professional service team for smooth migration.