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Dec 16, 2010

Microsoft cluster implementation problem

Hi All



The customer use Microsoft cluster for IIS.


i can not ping the cluster ip address from bigip except server ip addresses



i opened tcpdump and i can not see ping reply from cluster



i checked the arp info and i can see mac address in to the dynamic arp records



what can be problem reason








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  • Hi Zafer,



    If the response isn't coming back from the server, you could start at the server and work your way towards LTM to see where the reply is dying.



  • Can you confirm that the cluster IP should actually respond to ping? Have you pinged it successfully from other boxes?
  • Hello



    Microsoft Cluster on works on production . we can ping it from everywhere except bigip units.


    i found information about Microsoft. Microsoft cluster works on multicast.


    i disabled auto last hop


    added static arp


    enabled multicast ......


    but still does not work


    you can get info from this link








    i opened the case from f5 support they told me this is consultancy issue!!! lol