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Jul 17, 2012

matchclass IP stops working

I have a basic iRule that says if essentially (I can't paste the iRule here):



if NOT matchclass IP::client_addr equals myclass then drop.



All of a sudden it stopped working after I added an IP to the class. I removed the IP and it still doesn't work.



Now, all client IPs are getting dropped no matter what.....



Anyone ever have this problem and any idea why it would happen?



Is there a limit to the number of IPs in the class (I might have 20 or so).




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  • Hi,



    There isn't a hard limit to the data group size. I've tested ~100k entries or more successfully. Can you print an anonymized copy of the iRule, data group and virtual server config in [ code ] [/ code ] blocks (without the spaces) using 'tmsh list ltm virtual VS_NAME', 'tmsh list ltm rule RULE_NAME' and 'tmsh list ltm data-group internal DG_NAME'?



  • Sorry, it looks like this is just an error on my end. Routing was changed so our source IPs have changed, throwing everything off.
  • Glad you figured it out. A quick way to check is to add a debug line with the client IP address.