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Apr 02, 2012

Mask a uri?

Hi all,



Is there a way to mask a uri with the F5? They want to hide a number of parameters that are shown the URI. I don't want to mask the whole site, only particular pages.






/contactus calls /contactus?id=123&someothervalue=true&etc&etc on the back end?



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  • Yes. There are ways to do that, but they can get tricky quickly... Missing CSS Elements and Loops can result if you are not careful in what you are configuring, especially when the [HTTP::uri] value that you are triggering the iRule on is also part of the masked value.

    I would suggest playing with this to start and manipulating it to whatever you are needing.

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    if { [HTTP::uri] contains "/contactus" and [HTTP::query] equals "" } {
    HTTP::uri "/contactus?id=123&someothervalue=true&etc&etc"

    Hope this helps.