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Aug 24, 2011

mapping an external FQDN name to an Internal FQDN one

Hi all,



I am trying to map an external FQDN name to an internal FQDN (not known externally) using an irule. Due to this fact I am changing the host name in the irule and sending the request directly


to a pool (contains the internal IP address for the internal FQDN). If the internal FQDN was known externally I could have used http redirect and it would have worked.



Here is what I am looking to accomplish: -->



In my case, It works partially. I am not able to display images because F5 tries always to use the public FQDN (according to Fiddler).



Here is what I am doing:



when RULE_INIT {


set static::internal_host ""


set static::external_host ""


set static::uri_page "/landing.htm"


set static::uri_home "/"






if { [string tolower [HTTP::host]] contains $static::external_host } {


HTTP::header replace Host [string map [list $static::external_host $static::internal_host] [HTTP::host]]


HTTP::header replace location [string map [list https:// http://] [HTTP::header value Location]]


HTTP::uri [string map [list $static::uri_home $static::uri_page] [HTTP::uri]]


pool internal_landing_page_pool


log local0. "[IP::client_addr] requested [HTTP::header value Host] [HTTP::host] [HTTP::uri]"







Can anybody let me know what am I missing?



Thanks a lot,





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  • Hi Hatim,



    I assume the web app uses absolute references to the internal hostname in response headers and/or content. You can use HttpFox for Firefox or Fiddler2 to check the responses to see where the references are. To rewrite response headers like the Location in redirects, you can use HTTP::is_redirect and HTTP::header replace. For the response payload, you can use a blank stream profile and STREAM::expression iRule.



    Here are a few related links:






    Or you could use the ProxyPass iRule for this:




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    Thanks Aaron. I will review the links and let you know.





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    Hi Aaron,



    When running fiddler i get only 404's errors. Following a successful first request on the main page. F5 reverts back to the external FQDN and tries instead of So no need of is_redirect. for the HTTP::header replace that is what i used in my irule above.



    I thought i might disable the compression to allow for the stream expression to work.



    I create an empty stream profile,


    I added the following at the top of "when HTTP_REQUEST":



    Disable the stream filter for all requests




    remove the compression offerings from the client


    HTTP::header remove "Accept-Encoding"





    Then created this:


    when HTTP_RESPONSE {


    STREAM::expression ""







    My problem is the encoding is still happening ( I see Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate under Client using Fiddler) even though i have the instruction above and i made sure the http profile for the VS is using selective for the compression.



    any idea on what is going on?