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Oct 28, 2011

Managing GTM config files



I'm sorry if my question does not fall under management and logging but I just need an answer to a simple question...I want to restore default-config for my GTM but the " load /sys default-config" is only resetting LTM config.


Is there another tmsh command I could use to reset the GTM files (local,wideip,etc..)? Thanks

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    Interesting... On 10.1.x, I see the same behavior. I noticed you can do, tmsh delete /gtm wideip all. You would want to remove the elements in a certain order - wideip, pool, server. For a quick and dirty method on pre 11.x:



    b config save `/bin/hostname`-`/bin/date +%F_%H%M`


    cp /dev/null /config/gtm/wideip.conf





    If you want an 11.x example, I would need to research.


  • Hi Mike,


    I'm running V10.2.1 and it's true I'm deleting the objects in a certain order (due to their dependencies) starting with WIP, servers,pools,irules,monitors,etc...but I can't find a command that will reset the config to default in one go like loading default-config for LTM.