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Sep 02, 2011

Management Pack 3.0 release notes are missing

I surprised when I saw v3.0 available for download however the link to view release notes doesn't have any information about the latest release :(.

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    The F5 Management Pack is now a fully supported and paid product offering. I have included the availability announcement as well as the release note link from askf5 below.



    We are pleased to announce that we have converted the F5 Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 from a community supported DevCentral download to an orderable offering in the F5 Networks product portfolio. As part of this transition, the product will be fully supported by our world class services organization. Customers can now purchase the management pack just like any other product in the F5 portfolio through our sales or partner organization.



    Please contact your local F5 or F5 partner representative for more information. The price of the Management Pack will be $10,000 US plus support and is shipping now.




    Release note: