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Sep 19, 2014

Management IP Address

Pls, I want to configure redundancy on two similar versions of BIG-IP boxes. Can I have the same Management IP on both systems or not?


Another challenge I'm facing is that the system I use for accessing the box loses connection to it too frequently. Oftentimes, it would restart the configuration setup utility when I just made a configuration change or even when am doing something else. It would lose connection and take a long time (like 2 -3 minutes) to reconnect. What could be responsible for this and, how can I solve it ??


Thanks in advance.


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  • I think its a No. Management IP is for you to manage the device, you should be able to login to any device irrespective of its HA status. Two IPs in a network will conflict.


  • Thank you all. I resolved this issue by restoring the two systems to factory setting and started the configs all over again using different Mgt IPs now.