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Jan 09, 2024

Mac address in tenant are not equally to f5os

Hi F5ers:

I have some concerns about F5OS and MAC tenant inheritance and operation:
In picture 1, I have interface mac address column with different values for each one. But as you can see in the F5 BIG IP tenant, the mac address value is the same for all interfaces (picture 2), then I understand that does not exist inheritance properly from F5OS to tenant, is right?.
Tenant configuration is SMALL for MAC Data/MAC block size (picture 3) and I can see in command line all MAC assigned for tenant (picture 4) like you see inheritance not works in this scenario.
If Mac address is a unique value in a network, why is this repeated for all interfaces in big ip tenant (picture 2).?
I did a packet capture in the scenario with one vlan assigned to interface 1 and another vlan for interface 2, however mac address not change this value and this can be generate some conflict in arp table viewed from the other side.
In addition, I don't know if is related to scenario described, when I have vlans, interfaces and selfips configured in F5 BIG IP side and vlan trunked and tagged for interface in the switch side directly connected, my F5 device cannot view another device in the subnet for some reason.




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  • do you split/extend the subnet to multiple datacenters/sites?

    i have experienced failed connectio within same subnet when configuring LB due to above situation.
    the workaround is to add /32 routing.
    it's workaround because ip subnet (layer 3 addressing) should not extend beyond 1 vlan ( layer 2 addressing).

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      Hi zamroni777, really not for multiple datacenters . I have initiate deployment with this new rseries for a normal deployment and testing communication. But, in iseries without f5os each interface have mac addr and I don´t know if this can be generate a conflict.