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Jul 17, 2012

Lync Delay or Failure after conference ID is entered.

We are working on deploying Lync in our firm and currently only have the FE servers LB with the f5.



When a user dials in for a conference and is asked to enter a conference ID; once they do sometimes it goes through and finds it fine. Majority of the time there is a 8-10 sec delay and it occasionally can find it but usually after a delay we see a failure with a system message usually stating "sorry but I’m having trouble accessing the system"



Also our Lync team has tried with success to implement DNS load balancing on the servers themselves bypassing the f5 which at this point has solved our problem. when we switch it back to go through the f5's the problem comes back.



Has anyone seen this? We have our f5 Field Engineer looking into it but currently we are not sure what is going on. I also have a support ticket open with some traces. Has anyone seen this?







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    hi Dan, it's difficult to say without seeing the traces. I'd recommend turning up logging on both the Lync servers and clients while connecting both with DNS load balancing and via the BIG-IP, and comparing the two sets of logs.



    Are these internal clients talking to the FE servers, or external clients going through Lync Edge?



    If you remove all but one member of the Lync pool on the BIG-IP, do you still see the issue?