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Jun 22, 2012

LTM VE with more than one module on it


I am new to DevCentral (first post!) but I have been researching looking for a solution for a new system I need to build. I have done lots of reading and from what I can understand, I need LTM for loadbalancing my webservers, but I also want to use GTM to provide failover between my hosting provider's two data centres. Because this new app also takes personal information from people, I think I want to look at the ASM Application firewall as well to protect from hack attacks.




My only restriction is that the only solutions I can use are ones that run on VMWare because this is all our hosting provider will support.




From the website ( it is not clear if I can also "attach" licenses for the GTM and the ASM to the LTM Virtual Edition.




I found this thread on DevCentral when searching today from 2008 (


that talks about it also, but no solution is posted.




Can the Virtual Edition run all three modules like the BigIP Appliance can, or is that Zeus thing mentioned in the post the only virtual solution that can do it all at the same time?








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  • Hi David,



    Currently, BIG-IP virtual edition for production (VE) supports LTM plus one module. The non-production lab version (VE LAB) supports triplet module combinations. Check the VE and VElab columns in the PDF linked from SOL10288 for details:



    sol10288: BIG-IP software and platform support matrix






    So you should be able to implement GTM in one VE and LTM+ASM in another VE.