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Mar 29, 2012

LTM-VE dswitch issues

Our VMware admin wants to migrate our LTM-VE F5 ltm to the new distributed switches.. we tested this in our Dev environment and there wasnt any network connectivity..



We have no trunks configured on the LTM-VE but our VLANS are tagged to an interface.. the dswitch is setup to accept the vlan and is a trunk..



any ideas anyone??


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  • Do you have any other VM's participating in VLAN tagging? Are you sure the dvUplink and physical switches are passing/accepting the tags?


    What versions are your vSphere / Virtual Edition?
  • The issue we had was that we were using vlan 1 and vlan 205. vlan 1 was untagged and vlan 205 tagged. all our VS are on vlan 1.. the trunking on the dswitch was set to allow vlans 1-4094 and that didnt work.. the fix was to change it to 0-4094 and then everything worked..
  • Thanks for posting a followup, maybe it will be useful for someone else one day.