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Aug 26, 2016

LTM to GTM communication - difference in big3d versions

Hi All,

Quick question on bigd3 versions.

LTMs are running on 11.6.1 and the GTM is on 11.6.0. These are upgraded a hour ago, at the moment I'm seeing no errors. But as they are in different versions, will the GTM marks the LTM as down in future.?


[root@DC1-f5g1:Active:Standalone] config  /shared/bin/big3d -v 
/shared/bin/big3d version big3d Version for linux


[root@DC1-f5l2:Standby:In Sync] config  /shared/bin/big3d -v     
/shared/bin/big3d version big3d Version for linux

Please suggest me how to fix this, I have around 85 application on this LTMs, I don't want this big3d version differences cause any issues.


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