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Apr 27, 2022

LTM request logging

We want to create a request logging profile in F5 to find out whether transactions/HTTPS requests are made toward pool members or not?

The application team suspects transaction failed/timeout at the F5 layer.

Can someone help me with how to find that or how we can use request logging for further troubleshooting

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  • which part do you want to remain log ? 

    request hearder or ip address ? 

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      thanks for reply 

      mainly looking for requests header

      but it would be great if you could give answer.

      our aim is to identify whether or not request reach to end server or not or it is dying in f5 only.



      • yes, I think you would rather using tcpdump for just check packet

        and you have to configure ssl certtificate on virtual server  if you want to remain log 

        and then configure below irule

        when HTTP_REQUEST {
        set vip [IP::local_addr] set uri [HTTP::uri]

        log "Client [IP::client_addr]:[TCP::client_port] connected to VS ($vip)for URI $uri"