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Apr 13, 2012

LTM redundancy failover

We have two units configured as active/standby however the only way we can see to force the units to failover if a VLAN/route goes offline is using the VLAN failsafe function, this presents an issue because the customer loses there video for a minimum of 10 seconds before the units failover and the standby becomes active.



Is there is a better way to have a more immediate failover of the active/standby devices?



For instance the Juniper boxes we have are also fully configured Active/Standby and if they failover it happens within a couple of seconds.







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    You could try and use HA Group based on Pool and/or trunk loss.


    It triggers a faster failover.
  • As Tolas said, you can use HA groups for more intelligent and faster failover compared with VLAN failsafe:



    Understanding Fast Failover




    Fail-Safe and Fast Failover




  • Hi,



    I know that VLAN Faisafe Failover takes at least 10 sec.


    How fast is Fast-Failover measured in sec.?


    I tested with a Trunk Object and it seems that Fast-Failover is still around 1 or 2 sec.


    What if I need to fail over below 1 sec. if one or more trunk interfaces are going down?



    Thanks for your feedback