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Feb 26, 2019

LTM port redirect to pool members port

Hi, I am running into an issue where my virtual server is listening on port 8888 and the pool members are configured to 9888. When I try to access the application using :8888/index.jsp in a browser, I see request are coming to the pool members and is sending back data but for some reason, LTM is changing the port of the URL to :9888/index.jsp and comes up with a site can't reached message. I have tried changing virtual server port to match pool members port and vice versa which are working fine.


Any thoughts/suggestions on this issue? Please let me know if more details are required.


This is my first post and please excuse me if my post is not per community guidelines.


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  • Can you try using curl commands just to check if the F5 is making the change to host header value or if the server is making the change. I haven't seen the F5 to make such changes. I have a feeling that the servers could be potentially making the change in host port number.


  • Bigip never change either request or response if not configured!


    The server is listening on port 9888, so if it respond with absolute url in content or redirects, it includes its port number and not the vs port number


  • I also faced same issue. I configured VS using port 50107 and pool member port 2004, but when client access it started to redirect port to 2004 with VS ip. And this result connection reset. Is there any solution to fix this issue?