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Oct 03, 2020

LTM Policy SSL Extension forwarding not working on 15.1 ?



Last night I upgraded a test environment from 14.1 to 15.1 as we want to bump to 15.1 on some of our production F5s.


Everything is working fine, except policies we are using as a "SNI router". It has been working fine on 14.1.


In more details we have defined several FQDNs for directing traffic to different VIPs.



Condition: SSL Extension - server name - is - any of - FQDN - at - ssl client hello

Matched: Forward traffic - to - virtual server - VIP - at - ssl client hello


Traffic is just getting dropped. Thought it could be some schema conversion issue, so tried recreating a new similar policy - same result, just getting a connection reset.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue found to be a known bug. TLS1.3 does not work with LTM Policy SNI Extension. Forcing TLS1.2 did the trick.