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Jun 09, 2011

LTM Log File Rotation

Have an F5 that is not performing log file rotation a single log file continues to grow the logrotatecommon.tmpl is shown below



Use the bigpipe shell utility to make changes to the system configuration.






print "\ For more information, see $helpLine.\n";





rotate log files daily





logrotate_enhance controls the log files life cycle





create new (empty) log files after rotating old ones








It will override the --force and daily, weekly... options


to rotate logs only when log file reaches certain size.





Installed in cron.daily



Logrotate.LogAge= 8


common backlogs = 24



Can anyone suggest how I can get the log rotation working?


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  • Hi Mike,



    I'd just open a case with Support and ask them to help with this. For background on logrotate you can check this SOL:



    sol7115: Managing log files on the BIG-IP system




  • Which version from TMOS do you have? I have the same problem after upgrading from 11.6.0 HF 4 to 12.0.0. A case was opened but Suppport doesn't have knowledge of this problem and was escalated to Engineering. Also, both devices were rebooted and the log was splitted, but the behavior remains and also the ltm.1 file was not compressed.