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Jun 22, 2022

LTM iRule help : assign client to SNAT IP based on datagroup match

Hi Everyone,

I would like to assgn the client IP to a SNAT IP from a Datagroup match, any help woul dbe appreciated.  Something like the following is what we have so far but TCL error occurring with line "if { $mapped_snat ne "" } then {"

set sourceip [IP::client_addr]
set mapped_snat [class match $sourceip equals DataGroup]
if { $mapped_snat ne "" } then {
snat $mapped_snat
# log local0. "SNAT for $sourceip choose SNAT $mapped_snat"

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  • If you want the value from datagroup key, you can use the following, it checks the datagroup and assign the value in one line.

    if { [set mapped_snat [class match -value -- $sourceip equals DataGroup]] ne "" } {