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Feb 23, 2021




So we have an issue where it sometimes takes us multiple times to log into the GUI interface of our LTMs. even if our username and password is correct, it will still hang or say "login failed" until we try again and then eventually, we are allowed in. Any ideas as to why this happens?


We are using Remote Role Groups and LDAP Auth. No Local

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    Did you checked the audit logs for failed attempts? Logs are available at /var/log/audit

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      I did. it said something along the lines of info httpd(pam_audit)[8484]: 01234567:8: AUDIT - user username - RAW: httpd(pam_audit): User=j.smith tty=(unknown) host= failed to login after 1 attempts (start="Mon Jan 1 12:00:00 2019" end="Mon Jan 1 12:00:02 2019").


      I saw that this article explained that this was a bug inside the Big-IP system. but we're on version 14.x.x.x which it was supposed to be patched in. Is that still the case?

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        are you on or higher within 14? then it should be fixed indeed


        a packet capture on the LDAP traffic might be useful, is it indeed a timeout issue or something else?