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May 17, 2012

LTM Error

I am receiving the error message below on one of my Virtual Server Configurations. I found the article on the Support Page that said this could happen with IIS6. I have One Connect Profile applied to this Virtual Server. The Support page article refers to a Microsoft support article that talks about the IIS Server sending a 100 Continue message after it has already sent a 200 ok. My suspicion is that the behavior of IIS6 for our application server may be the cause of the errors; however, I am wondering whether it is possible that having One Connect Profile applied could lead to these errors. Can anyone tell me whether OneConnect profile could lead to the below errors?


http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action EV_INGRESS_DATA during ST_HTTP_PREPEND_HEADERS


(Server side: vip= profile= pool=)


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  • This is hard to say. I would remove one connect and verify. Otherwise contact F5 support to see if you are running into a bug.