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Jul 16, 2019


  1. Hi!

I'm implementing in a client's environment a cluster of F5 (vCMP). They'll be sitting at the border, and perform BGP negotiations with the ISP peer.

Everything's fine, but I have a couple doubts: The ISP won't publish the BGP interconnection network (the classic /30). Given this, the F5 itself isn't able to reach the internet (outgoing SNAT and publications work perfectly). How could I "NAT" the F5 to an IP of the BGP network, so that it can reach the internet?



There is also another DC with an F5, which should communicate with these F5 for iQuery. Should I create a Self-IP on the BGP network (that which is published) so that iQuery communication works? Should I configure the server objects only with the BGP addresses? Or should I demand the ISP to publish the "real" network?



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    If my understanding is right,  BGP interconnection network = bgp neighbor address.

    Does that address is private address?

    And ISP will advertise your service address network.


    If ISP won`t advertise bgp neighbor address, impossible communicate i-query.

    I think to communicate i-query, you have to subneting your service address and you that to self-ip.

    but that is not good.


    when you doing SNAT, which address you translate?

    I think SNAT and NAT address is belong to service network, it should be done.

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      Yes, the interconnection is the neighbor address. It is not a private address, it Is a public address, although completely different from the BGP Service Network.

      I guess I'll have to ask for that network to be published​