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Feb 14, 2012

LTM and analytics reports




i have an issue with analytics and LTM module,


1st i created an analytics profile for a virtual server then attached in VS config.


i had its reports for a day then after that it is stop generating reports.


i checked logs and found that avr memory reached 91.5%


i can't provisioned avr memory


and still don't have any newer reports.


i created 4 analytics profiles but right i can see the history for one week last




could please advice.








4 Replies

  • AVR Alert, MD exceeded 93.8% of provisioned memory allocation!! Entering Collect Essential mode. Please raise AVR provisioning definitions
  • if memory is still growing even entering essential mode, please open a support case. it might be a memory leak.
  • i don't know how to enter to the essential modeit is shown in your /var/log/ltm, isn't it?? if you see memory usage keeps growing up, i suspect you are having memory leak issue. there is a bug in 11.0.0 and 11.1.0.