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Apr 19, 2011

LTM : virtual server in different subnet than a vlan --> possible

Hi everybody,



I'm not able to test it in short term so I'm wondering if the following design can work ?



I would like to know if the Virutal Server (VS) can be set in a subnet not known by the F5, I mean in a subnet not associated to a vlan. To be more clear, see the example below.



- create a vlan "link" + self-IP : associated to the vlan "link". This "link" is used to connect the LTM to a router in the network. So a route to the LTM is possible through this vlan.


- create a VS : As you can see this VS is not in the vlan previously defined. So it is a single IP only known internal to the LTM.



Could the design work ? Is it possible or must the VS in a defined vlan ?



If I configure a static route on the router saying that can be reached by, could it work ? Does the LTM automatically consider the VS ?



Thank you in advance



best regards


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