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Oct 08, 2010

Lookup spurce ip address from persist entries

Here is my scenario






A( SUBSCRIBE --> F5 VS( --> B(


A <-- F5 VS <-- 200OK B


A <-- F5 VS <-- NOTIFY B



My issue is on the NOTIFY. When F5 sends to A it still has F5 IP address in URI. How would I lookup the A IP address in the persist table so that I can use the irule to replace the uri?



Everything works fine in regards to persistence and flow.



So instead of uri looking like




I need it to be





Is there another way to store the IP address?










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  • Hey Darren,



    I will disclaim this by stating that my experience with the SIP profile on the LTMs is fairly limited, so I could be missing something critical in my analysis. I believe, though, you can use the IP::remote_addr to get the appropriate address. ( ) You might need to use the clientside/serverside commands ( ) to be sure that this grabs the correct address, though.



    I believe the sample in the SIP::uri page attempts to accomplish something similar, actually: It seems like it would probably be wise to check the current SIP::uri to see if it mathes IP::local_addr and, if so, replace it with IP::remote_addr.



    Again, my SIP-fu is weak, so feel free to correct me if I have a fundamental misunderstanding of the protocol. (Which is likely.)



    // Ben