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Aug 24, 2021

Looking For API or CLI Way to create "New Resource Record" in "Zonerunner"

Hi All,


I am trying to automate the process of adding URLs in the form of New Resource Record in ZoneRunner either through API or CLI. I am intending to do it through python script but unfortunately I am unable to locate any API for the same. Right now, All this process is handled manually by GUI dashboard Below is the Image of how we are doing it manually currently. I will highly appreciate if anyone can help me to get the specific API(preferable) or even CLI to do the same thing so I can automate that process for good.






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    update new resource record in zonerunner you can use linux bash to manual update,here are the link:

    K7032: Freezing zone files to allow manual update to ZoneRunner-managed zone files

  • Hi xuwen,


    Thanks for pointing out the resource url. I have looked into it and try to implement. In the meanwhile, I don't know if this editing in the file itself will be safe option for the production running F5 pair. Actually my objective is very simple as we are having few hundred entries every day which we create by going into the dashboard of F5 (Reference Image Provided Above). so is there any simple way to add one entry either from CLI or API so I will create a loop which will iterate over the file in which I will copy paste all URLs. I am still exploring the above URL but it looks like overkill for the simple case. Thanks again for your help.