How I did it - "Remote Logging with the F5 XC Global Log Receiver and New Relic"

Welcome to back to another edition of "How I did it".  In this installment, we discover just how effortless it is for the F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform (XC) to integrate with New Relic enabling users to quickly gain valuable insights into their cloud applications.    

New Relic

New Relic is a cloud-based observability platform that helps businesses monitor and optimize the performance of their software applications and infrastructure. Its suite of tools provides real-time insights into the health and availability of digital systems, enabling organizations to deliver better customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. 

With XC's Global Log Receiver, organizations can easily forward event data from the F5 XC platform to New Relic for enhanced visibility and analysis of application and infrastructure performance.


F5 Distributed Cloud Services

F5 Distributed Cloud Services, (XC) provides a global cloud native platform where customers can deploy, manage and secure their applications regardless of whether the application resides in a public cloud, in a private data center, or a colocation facility, (see below).  It provides a variety of ADN, MCN and CDN services.

Although the XC console UI provides very good observability natively, many enterprises prefer to aggregate their telemetry from various sources and centralize visibility/analytics down to a “single pane of glass”.  To this end, the XC platform includes the Global Log Receiver service.  

Global Log Receiver

There are a few different options for remote logging from the F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform.  This includes querying an XC API logging endpoint, configuring a basic log receiver and the Global log receiver.   A basic log receiver can be configured to send customer edge logs, ( in syslog format only) to either a TCP or UDP endpoint.  In contrast,  a Global log receiver can be configured to securely send logs to New Relic over HTTPS.

Check it Out

Yep, you guessed it! 😃  Time for a movie.  The video below provides for a brief walkthrough demo integrating the F5 Distributed Cloud Services platform with New Relic.

Try it Out

Liked what you saw? If that's the case, (as I hope it was) try it out for yourself. F5 Distributed Cloud Services (XC) offers a free version of access to the platform.  Guidance for configuring global log streaming can be found here.

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Published Mar 27, 2023
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