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Jul 02, 2012

Logon form problem




I have been testing the Big-IP APM/VE in a lab for several days.



I have come across a "problem" with a 3rd party OTP solution called Securenvoy.


The program itself runs a radius server.



My question is:



Is it possible to create 3 fields on a logon page. Username, Password, Passcode


Then have the Big-IP put together the Password+Passcode and send this as the password to the radius?



Securenvoy radius is expecting the password+passcode to come in password "field".





Hope this made any sense.


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    In the VPE if you click on the logon page you should be able to add a third field to the logon page. Then you should be able to create a iRule to concat the two variables and place it in the password session



    ACCESS::session data get [-sid ] [-secure]


    ACCESS::session data set [-sid ] [-secure] []



    You should have to use the secure flag to read and write the password field.
  • You won't even need an iRule, you can use a Variable Assign in the VPE:



    session.logon.last.password = expr { "[mcget -secure {session.logon.last.password}][mcget {session.logon.last.}]" }