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Dec 15, 2010

LocalLB::Class::set_string_class_member_data_value does not work

The LocalLB::Class::set_string_class_member_data_value API does not appear to save values as expected.



First, a call to add_string_class_member() on an existing data group is immediately followed by a call to set_string_class_member_data_value() on the newly added member; the member itself is saved (i.e., the first call) yet the value (i.e., the second call) is not saved.



The API is being invoked using python via the PyControl_v2 Library.



There are no apparent errors in the LB log file, /var/log/ltm and even when enabling debugging, the output shows good SOAP responses. Below is an example script and the output that demonstrates the above-described behavior - I'm wondering if I'm missing a step or doing something wrong.



Any thoughts, recommendations, etc. would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!






import pycontrol.pycontrol as pc



connect to LB


lb = pc.BIGIP(hostname = "x.x.x.x", username = "user", password = "password", fromurl = True, wsdls = ['System.SystemInfo', 'LocalLB.Class'])



si = lb.System.SystemInfo


print "Connected to F5 %s, version %s\n" % (si.get_marketing_name(), si.get_version())



c = lb.LocalLB.Class



create the class


c.create_string_class(classes = [{'name': "theClass", 'members': []}])



print "Contents BEFORE (should be empty):"


print c.get_string_class(["theClass"])


print c.get_string_class_member_data_value(c.get_string_class(["theClass"]))


print "\n"



add some members with values


c.add_string_class_member(class_members = [{'name': "theClass", 'members': ["theFirstMember"]}])


c.set_string_class_member_data_value(class_members = [{'name': "theClass", 'members': ["theFirstMember"]}] , values = [["theFirstValue"]])



c.add_string_class_member(class_members = [{'name': "theClass", 'members': ["theSecondMember"]}])


c.set_string_class_member_data_value(class_members = [{'name': "theClass", 'members': ["theSecondMember"]}] , values = [["theSecondValue"]])



print "Contents AFTER (should have two members with two values):"


print c.get_string_class(["theClass"])


print c.get_string_class_member_data_value(c.get_string_class(["theClass"]))


print "\n"



cleanup to allow rerun


c.delete_class(classes = ["theClass"]) print "done.\n"


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  • This is working for me in Ruby on Version 11 api:

    !/usr/bin/env ruby
    require 'rubygems'
    require 'f5-icontrol'
    require 'json'
    require 'socket'
    bigip =
    env = ARGV.shift
    nodes = ARGV
    "name" => "test-auto",
    "members" => [
    'name' => "test-auto",
    'members' => [