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Apr 07, 2011

loadbalancing across vlan's

Hi all,



We have a DNS virtual server and it is attached to a pool consisting of 4 members. 4 members are from 2 different VLAN's which are in 2 different locations. VLAN1 which has 2 out of 4 members is physically conneted to the box, where as VLAN2 is not connected to any of the interface. Will loadbalancing happen here?? Will the traffic go to members in VLAN 2 ?? Is there any way to make the traffic go to the members in VLAN 2(through the switch).



Box: Viprion


Version: 10.2



I am new to big ip and was wondering if this is possible.



Any help would be appreciated.






2 Replies

  • The traffic will go to VLAN2 if the bigip has a route to it. You said that it wasnt directly connected, so most likely this traffic will try to get to that VLAN 2 by the default route. If you have no default route set on the bigip, it might actually try to go out via the MGMT interface.
  • You will need to snat to route back to the LTM if the pool members are not inline...doing so will change the source address to an adress on th LTM, whethr it be out of a snat pool you define or if you use automap one of the interfaces.. doing so will allow you to route back to the LTM..



    For a quick fix turn SNAT automap on the virtual server in question..