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Oct 11, 2011

Loadbalance connection problem (Urgent!)

Hi all,



I'm facing with urgent problem when the initial connection from internal client to outside load-balance via three ISPs cause of dropped. The server refuse any connection from 2-3 addresses. So I must keep only one default gateway pool by disable others.



I'm not familiar with iRule, but I think it can result this issue. My idea is:



When Connnection Request= (domaina:3000 or


{For each client_add


-> use only a gateway in default_gateway_pool





Any idea for this case or represent to iRule for me. Note that my device is LinkController so Layer_7 feature hasn't licensed.



Thanks so much,




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  • u want to use specific default gateway when requesting to specific destination, don't u?

    if so, can u try this? is the destination and is the gateway.

       if {[IP::addr [IP::local_addr] equals]} {

    IP::addr wiki

    iRules IP Comparison Considerations with IP::addr Command by Jason
  • Thanks Nitass,


    But with your rule, I think it's not a feature of load-balancer.And also lost all connection to dest when note down.


    My ideas for this situation are:


    - For each IP client to server with port 3000, LC will forward to a gateway:


    (Ex: PC1 -> Server:3000 -> ISP1 ; PC2 -> Server:3000 -> ISP2; PC3 -> Server:3000 -> ISP1)


    - Any configuration forward to gateway pool sticky/ persistence







  • thanks, it appears i misunderstood your question. :-)



    - Any configuration forward to gateway pool sticky/ persistence have you ever tried source address persistence?
  • I've tried with source address persistence but it still load to all gateway pool member.


    Could u help me with the first solution by iRule?





  • i don't think you need an irule. persistence should be able to do what you want.



    can you post virtual server configuration here?
  • This is my configuration about this VS, pls check it for me


    pool mail_pool {


    monitor all gateway_icmp


    members {}





    virtual vs_mail {


    pool mail_pool




    ip protocol tcp


    persist source_addr


    profiles {


    http {}


    tcp {}




  • This case have been solved by source address persistence configuration.


    Thanks Nitass for supporting.