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Jul 04, 2012

Load balancing, persistence and HEAD request

Hello guys,



i've setup two VIPs to make HTTP/HTTPS LB with a pool composed by two members. The default persisten profile is "cookie" method with 1H expiration. When the first connection is established, all the othere request continue to go on the selected member. The problem occurs when we get and HEAD request. We use an external site that polling our webserver to check the availability of services, this site use and HEAD request and not a GET request, so the lenght of contect is alwasy 0. There is this SOL that seems to descrive my issue, when this external site send an HEAD request, the first one (that is a login) goes to one member1, the other one (another HEAD request for 200 OK) to the member2 and this isn't right way. Sometime the request goes well, each two with relative response goes only the first member, but most of the time one the problem is what I described above




How I can solve this issue?




This mechanism doesn't use a cookie for pesistence :(






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  • just wondering if irule in the askf5 solution does not work.
  • what? sorry i haven't' understood your response..sorry to confuse. doesn't workaround in sol13521 work?
  • for my problem no :(



    the first request goes to member1, the second to member2
  • do you have tcpdump while problem is happening? are you able to see request with same cookie but is sent to different pool member?