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Nov 16, 2023

Load balance_RDP

Hello team, 

I create rdp  VS: and access it through APM-VPN.

 I added 4 servers to the pool 

( / / /   I used the Least session(member) and I tried using round robbin but the same behavior 

if the first user  is connected  to all users will come to this server and the session will be terminated

I used the default Persistence Type: Microsoft® Remote Desktop.

Fallback Persistence Profile used : source address

I expect this to happen because of the persistence profile I removed it, and I received the below issues:

The Connection Has Been Terminated Because An Unexpected Server Authentication Certificate Was Received From The Remote Computer 

I used cli ti see the connection to check the user name  and I found all users come with  different names:

tmsh show /ltm persistence persist-records mode msrdp

msrdp kamc-jd\a (tmm: 3)
msrdp KAMC-JD\z (tmm: 2)
msrdp KAMC-JD\A (tmm: 2)
msrdp kamc-rd\M (tmm: 0)



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