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Feb 09, 2011

Load Balance method - assign % of load to different hosts

I'm being requested to assign a different % of traffic load to members of a pool. For example, we have 3 hosts that should each take 20% of the load, and 4 hosts that should take 10% of the load, all in the same pool.



I think this can be done with the Ratio (Member) load balancing method but I can't wrap my brain around what to set the ratio to and the docs seem pretty vague (at least the ones I've found describing Ratio). Will assigning 2 points to each of the 20% hosts and 1 point to the 10% hosts do the trick?



Would any of you gurus mind educating me on what the ratio numbers mean and how I can apply that to this scenario?






Eric Brander


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  • Hi Eric,



    You can set the ratio to 2 2 2 for the first three and 1 1 1 1 for the set of four servers (total of 10 "points" assigned for all servers for easy math). The 2's will each receive 2 out of the 10 connections and the 1's will each receive 1 out of the 10 connections.