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Apr 07, 2011

List of virtual servers for an individual partition

Here is a fragment of perl code pull from shared code area.



my $soapResponse = $VirtualServer->get_list();




@vs_lists = @{$soapResponse->result};



checkResponse is returning the following error:



SOAP-ENV:Server Exception caught in LocalLB::urn:iControl:LocalLB/VirtualServer::get_list()


Exception: Common::OperationFailed


primary_error_code : 17238051 (0x01070823)


secondary_error_code : 0


error_string : 01070823:3: Read Access Denied: user (BigIP.someuser) does not have read access to partition (foo), check your current "read" partition settings



Which is not surprising because I don't have access to partition foo, but I do have access to other partitions.


I don't see how to restrict the get_list() call to just look at a single partition or to just return information for the partitions that I do have access to. What am I missing.






P.S. I would argue that the an Exception should not be returned and just the list of objects that I have access to should be return. That is a semi-religious argument and I really just want it to work for now.


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  • We've designed the access model for partitions in that you must explicitly make a call to set your "current" partition. This is good for all subsequent calls for that user until the call is made again to change it. I covered how to switch between partitions in this tech tip:



    iControl 101 - 08 - Partitions




    The one thing I left out of that article was how to determine which partitions the current user has access to. That can be done with the Management.UserManagement.get_my_permission() method





    Hopefully this is enough to get you going. Let me know if you need more explanation.