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Jan 20, 2011

List of all possible syslog messages from LTM

This may not be the proper place to post, if another forum is more appropriate please advise.



I'm trying to find a complete list (likely by version of BigIP code) of syslog messages which may be generated. I would imagine that these are already in the management pack for SCOM somewhere, but I was unable to find a list from searching the dev central forums and other general searches.



Any pointers greatly appreciated!







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  • Hi Derek,



    You can check a unit on the version you're working on in the /etc/alertd directory for the .h files to see the different syslog alerts that are possible. On 10.2 there are ~3300.



    See SOL6420 for some additional info:



    SOL6420: The /var/run/bigip_error_maps.dat file maps the alertd process input from the syslog-ng utility to an alert name




  • Hoolio this is exactly what I was searching for, thank you!