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Jun 21, 2012

Legacy application doesnt work on F5 :(

Hi there,

Firstly, not sure if this is best posted here, or in the Security section, but will post it here to begin with.

We're in the process of migrating services from our existing Apache webservers to our F5's...

Today, we've migrated a set of URL's which are used by some legacy applications, which no-one really knows anything about anymore.

Unfortunately, the application is failing with:

WinHTTP.send failed

Timeouts 0,0,0,0

Error Num : -2147012721

Reason : A security error occurred

I've gone through and compared the SSL config on a like-for-like basis between the old webservers and the F5's, and from what I can see they tally...

The relevant SSL profile is:

ltm profile client-ssl {
    app-service /Common/
    ca-file x_y_card_co_uk_cacert.crt
    cert x_y_card_co_uk_server.crt
    chain x_y_card_co_uk_cacert.crt
    client-cert-ca x_y_card_co_uk_cacert.crt
    defaults-from clientssl
    key x_y_card_co_uk_key.key
    peer-cert-mode ignore

Any ideas where I can start?



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