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Feb 07, 2012

Issue with System.ConfigSync.download_configuration() method?

Hey iControl experts,



I'm using the iControl:System.ConfigSync.download_configuration() method and successfully pulling the following configuration files from an F5 Big IP appliance:


















However, when I try to pull the following 2 configuration files (which I've confirmed *do* exist on the appliance), I get an error return code of 16908289:








The error looks like:



SOAP-ENV:Server :Exception caught in System::urn:iControl:System/ConfigSync::download_file() Exception: Common::OperationFailed primary_error_code : 16908289 (0x01020001) secondary_error_code : 0 error_string : Error opening file for read operations



I've looked this return code up, and it appears to be a file lock issue.


Could this be because the last 2 files are in a different partition or something?


I believe the /defaults/config_base.conf is a symbolic link.



I'm using v10.2.0 of iControl (Perl).



I'm calling the iControl:System.ConfigSync.download_configuration() method like:



my $soapResponse = $session->download_file(


SOAP::Data->name(file_name => $filename),


SOAP::Data->name(chunk_size => $chunk_size_val),


SOAP::Data->name(file_offset => 0) );



where $filename is the complete path to the 2 files mentioned above,


where $chunk_size_val = 131072, and


where I'm trying to read the whole thing in one fell swoop.



Could the 2 files mentioned be so large that it's failing due to me trying to do it in one chunk that isn't large enough?



I don't have command-line access to the appliance, or I would check the file sizes (in bytes) myself.



~ snovakov


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