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Oct 06, 2016

Issue while saving Irule

Hi all, We have created irule but once we saving the irule it is showing error message as : showing error the requested object name /common/ is invalid


Do we require any special thing while saving irule.


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  • I will try to take snapshot for that , but do we require any license for Irule


  • No License.


    Looks like you're referencing something that doesn't exit.


    In your iRule can you ensure the Common partition is in the correct case ? ( /Common/


  • you should correct the object name. for example your object is NAME, but you define it as Name.


  • Iain , as per my knowledge it does not require license for Irule. But , I had word with F5 and they are telling require GTM License. Temporary we have got trial GTM license for 45 days . Hope if this will work after rebooting device.