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May 23, 2022

issue in uolpad files to the server through LTM

Dear All, 

I hope you doing well all, 

we have a service that requests upload files.

when running it and access to the server directly and trying to upload files, it worked fine.

but when assigning the server to the F5 virtual server, can't upload the file. it shows this error message:

"Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)"

the virtual server run on port 443 and the pool on port 80


I need your help in this matter, what can I do from the F5 side?


Best regards, 



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  • You should probably work out why you are seeing the 401 - do you have persistence configured? Maybe do a tcpdump across the whole session to see what is happening ie the upload request is going to a separate server. 

    How are users authenticated? HTTP login and session cookie? If so, it could be that the login goes to server 1 but follow-up goes to server 2. To stop this, use persistence.

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      Thank you PeteWhite for your replaying,


      actually, I used persistence and i try the service on one server, but the same issue.

      I think the reason why seeing 401 that the server-side try to send the request to VIP but can't reach it