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Apr 20, 2012


Following irule is defined in F5



rule tcp_snat_rl { when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { if { [matchclass [IP::remote_addr] equals svrs1_cl] }{ snatpool svrs1_sp pool reverse_pl } elseif { [matchclass [IP::remote_addr] equals app_svrs_cl] }{ snatpool sp1 pool reverse_pl }



and applied to the following virtual



virtual 123_vs { destination any:any mask rules tcp_snat_rl profiles fastl4_pr {} vlans 22 enable



servers in vlan 22 when initiating traffic to INET is dropping on F5 self IP for this vlan?



Any ideas..would help?

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  • the pools were not defined, i mean, the match class. so defined them now..waiting to get update.



    What is the command to see the tcp idle timeout value in F5?